What’s Missing- essay

     There are several features to be considered for design on new media displays, and websites these days. Media-heavy websites are fueled by Adobe Flash and other animations that result in a very user interactive website. The website that I chose to analyze for its media-heavy attributes was (espn.go.com). When the user first arrives on the homepage several different categories all appear, giving the user choices to select any sport in which they desire. Also as one of the other components that instantaniously loads is an advertisement bar which changes companies from time to time, and is Adobe Flash driven. From the menus to the video clip preview box area, media surrounds nearly every aspect of the site as a whole. Human memory and message design prove that well organized media and material on a website causes users to develop and keep interest in the content that’s displayed on a website; and the higher the level of interactivity the more the user will maintain their interest level on the content. (Cook & Kazlauskas, 1993; Faiola & DeBloois, 1988)


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