Lost Pet App

“Find your pet application for iOS iPhone 4”


I have chosen the iPhone 4 mobile phone by Apple that runs an iOS software system as my device to run the lost pet application. When the user first opens the “Find Your Pet” application, the home screen loads up with two options for the user to pick from; the first being “Missing my dog” and the second “Missing my cat.” Image“Owner Information Screen”


After the user selects which animal/pet that they are looking for, they are taken to a owner information screen. There is a form that includes spaces for the pet owner to enter their personal information so that they can easily correspond with a local pound or someone that has found their pet. Image“Pet Information”


After the pet owner has entered their personal contact information the user is then taken to a pet information screen. Similar to the previous screen, the pet information screen provides a form for pet information such as, name, color, description, weight, and age. Image“GPS Screen”


After the owner and pet information is entered a GPS screen is loaded up with a map of your city (Knoxville for example), and your current location. The GPS map shows you where you are and where some pets with similar information near your location are; categorized by weight, age, name, breed, etc.Image“Upload a Photo”


On this screen users can upload a photo of their missing pet to social networking outlets (Facebook or Twitter) in an effort to notify their friends of their missing pet. Image“Listed Pets Found”


On the final page of the app there is a list of pets found near your location, after you have utilized the GPS screen portion of the app. On this screen the user is prompted by several pets found near the location that they are at. The list on this screen provides a picture of the pet on the far right-hand side of the screen, and there is a brief description of the dog or cat’s name and breed. Image